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I placed an order with this company on the 5th of april at which time they charged my credit card which was fine but on the 8th when my order shipped i realized we would need another item so before i ordered it i checked my bank ballance and discovered that they charged my credit card again. I contacted them by e-mail and they said it just looks like you were charged twice unfortunately this is how alot of credit cad transactions are but you were only actualy charged once, so i called the company.

Over the phone same thing no you were only charged once. I was very upset because i keep a close eye on my bank ballances and knew i had indeed been charged twice which was verified by 3 different people at my bank. Faced with this evidence they finaly sent an e-mail confirming as i said from the begining that I had been charged twice and telling me the money would be credited back to my card. The part that upsets me the most about it is the fact that they knew according to the info they gave me with their admission e-mail that they had charged me twice and still they lied about it twice and tried according to that same info to cover it up before i even noticed but i found out before they could cover it up.

They then said there's no chance of it hapening again it really was a one time mistake but I look at it like this, if it happened once it can happen again and how many others has this happened to and they just didnt realize it before this company had a chance to lie or cover it up. My suggestion to anyone else who comes across this company needing items for their pet chickens is if you can find it somewhere else get it there instead to avoid having to deal with the headache that I did in getting this matter resolved.

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Hartland, Michigan, United States #1261104

I just saw two charges of slightly different amounts from them on the same day.

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